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UV LED wavelength

UV LED technology offers a spectrum of wavelengths catering to various applications, each with its own unique benefits.

UV-A Wavelength (315-400 nanometers): UV-A wavelengths find applications in blacklighting, UV curing, non-destructive testing, scientific research, and fluorescent displays, among others.

UV-B Wavelength (280-315 nanometers): UV-B wavelengths play crucial roles in medical treatments, UV disinfection, plant growth, and sun protection.

UV-C Wavelength (100-280 nanometers): With potent germicidal properties, UV-C wavelengths are extensively utilized in water treatment, air purification, medical equipment sterilization, food processing, and virus inactivation.

Discover the versatility and efficacy of UV LED technology across diverse industries. From enhancing productivity in manufacturing processes to safeguarding public health through disinfection, UV LEDs are paving the way for a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future. Unlock the potential of UV LED technology and elevate your applications to new heights of efficiency and performance.


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