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Our LEDs portfolio



High power UV LED solutions from UVA to UVC UVB in SMD and COB With patented chip and bonding technologies, Yingfeng LEDs have the best thermal dissipation on the market, allowing for high optical power and industry-leading lifetimes.

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Visible LEDS

Known for its High Power LEDs’ performance, efficiency and reliability Yingfeng offers an extensive portfolio of products at globally competitive prices.

High power LED chip in surface mounted package for small form factor designs.


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Yingfeng Infrared LEDs range in power from a few hundred mW to 10-15W CW and are designed for a variety of applications such as Surveillance Systems, Iris and FaceRecognition, Night Vision as well as Machine Vision, Medical and Scientific Instrumentation. Select Product Read More

White LEDs

Explore our wide range of products and solutions for your application.A vast array of innovative LEDs and components with unique features. Created with the highest commitment to quality, discover Yingfeng’s industry leading white LED portfolio. Select Product Read More

LED modules

Yingfeng delivers high-quality LED modules and drivers with industry-leading thermal management.Yigfeng’s wide variety of rigid and flexible PCB solutions include low- and high-density LEDs, different module shapes, and an array of lumen and wattage requirements to meet exact specifications.

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Innovative & Versatile OEM&ODM LED

With a vast selection of Innovative and Versatile LED Lighting Components and services, LTF offers complete solid state lighting solutions for OEM &ODM customers. Select Product Read More

Why Yingfeng for Industrial LED Development?

Yingfeng has expertise in rapid prototyping, high quality standards, and the ability to deliver complex parts quickly and efficiently to meet the unique needs of the Medicalaviationmilitaryindustry.

Rapid Prototyping

On the premise of not delaying the project delivery, Rapid prototyping parts can effectively reduce project risk.

Mass Customization

While ensuring quality, Yingfeng’s complete supply chain can greatly reduce the cost of mass production.

Quality Inspections

Yingfeng has a perfect quality control system, from raw materials, production process, to finished products.

ISO Certified

Yingfeng has passed iso9001:2015 quality management system and suppliers have industrial

Fast Cycle

15+ years of experience support us to quickly solve various problems in the manufacturing

Hear How We Solve Our Customers’ Toughest Challenges


Production of innovation

The difference that Yingfeng offers is that tight turnaround time. I have a concept in my head, upload it to a website, and I get the part 3 days later. I don't think there's anything faster available."

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Production at the pace of innovation

Clear communication. Industrial led components."Being able to use Yingfeng for led is very exciting for us because we know that they're going to hit their lead times and we're going to be in constant communication to see where our parts are in the supply chain."


Unrivaled customer service.

"Yingfeng does an incredible job connecting my needs as a customer to those suppliers that have the capability, the right competitive cost, and the capacity to build my product and get it to me in a very rapid cycle time."

Product advantages

 The monthly production capacity is 30KK and the delivery time is fast. Complete varieties and specifications, more than 750 conventional products, covering different product fields and applications.




Price advantage

 Production base, source R & D manufacturer, first-hand price advantage




Technical advantages

 Its own R & D department can develop and customize different products according to customers’ special needs.




Service advantage

 Mature and professional after-sales technical department, one-to-one whole process technical support solutions to ensure that customers’ application is barrier free.
  • LED Production Process

    1. LED Production Process a) Cleaning: Utilize ultrasonic cleaning for PCBs or LED brackets, followed by drying. b) Mounting: Apply silver glue to the bottom electrode of the LED chip (large wafer) for expansion. Place the expanded chip onto a ...
  • UV-C for Gas and Liquid Monitoring Applications

    UVC is readily absorbed by certain gas and liquid molecules and is becoming a critical element in a growing number of gas and liquid sensing, detection and monitoring applications. These include systems for monitoring ozone levels and equipment used to ...
  • The mass production technology for SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) devices typically

    Due to the varying detection wavelengths required for different substances, the SWIR LED lineup is anticipated to introduce five wavelengths of 1050nm, 1200nm, 1300nm, 1450nm, and 1550nm. In addition to the standard molded products, two lens-type products will also be ...
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) LED Application

    Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique used in molecular biology to make millions of copies of DNA. PCR is now a common and used in clinical and research laboratories for a broad variety of applications. Real-time PCR monitors the ...
  • In beauty therapy, various LED wavelengths are utilized for different purposes:

    630nm red light Increase cell viability, Speed up metabolism, Promotes collagen formation,With whitening spots Rejuvenation. Enhance skin elasticity,Improve skin condition, Repair damaged skin,Shrink pores,Firming skin. 520nm green light Reduce skin oil secretion, Balance water and oil ratio, Effectively relieves stress,Dredge ...


Yingfeng specializes in the design and manufacture of custom, high-performance LED modules. Our patented technology brings best-in-class thermal management to any LED application — ensuring lighting OEMs can offer their customers lighting products with superior heat dissipation, unparalleled longevity andoptimal luminaire performance.Our LED modules, Yingfeng offers a wide range of LEDs including ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths for the fields of “Processing”, “Sensing & Measurement”, “Life science”,and “Medical & Healthcare”.PCBs and Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs are used in lighting products across a variety of industries, including transportation, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.We have earned the trust of thousands of clients, including these fine clients:

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