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Using ultraviolet 265nm UVC LED technology to degrade marine biotoxins.

The University of Cadiz’s Marine Research Institute is undertaking the MOBILED project, which proposes the development of LED technology as a source of ultraviolet radiation for the degradation of microorganisms and marine biotoxins.

Through this technology, researchers aim to deactivate the DNA of potentially pathogenic microorganisms present in water. The project not only aims to eliminate some of the most impactful Vibrio species pathogens affecting aquaculture, but also aims to eradicate certain biotoxins present in bivalve mollusks.

Javier Moreno Andrés from the University of Cadiz’s INMAR, highlighted to MisPeces that this technology is based on advanced photochemical processes and utilizes LED technology with ultraviolet spectrum radiation. The objective is to ensure efficient sanitation of bivalve aquaculture systems, proposing lower-cost solutions while ensuring food safety and sustainability.

The project has a budget of 151,603.35 euros (approximately 119.26 million RMB), sourced from the Marine Science Supplementary Plan and the final call for Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, for Research, Development, and Innovation (R+D+i) projects.

The research team hopes that the results obtained during the development of this project will lay the groundwork for the potential scaling of the technology process specifically designed for bivalve mollusk production facilities.

Experts in UV technology have noted the certification of two companies in the field of sterilization systems. DESMI, certified by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV), meets the demand for higher UV doses, typically ranging from 70 to 200 mJ/cm², which is required by many aquaculture operations. This certification fills an important gap in the industry, providing credibility and assurance to aquaculture facility owners and operators seeking effective UV treatment equipment.

Previously, the global UV technology solution provider, Nuvonic, obtained approval from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI), a renowned biomedical research institution specializing in biosafety.

Nuvonic’s full range of Proline PQ IL (inline) devices, validated by the USEPA, has undergone rigorous testing to meet stringent aquaculture biosecurity standards. These products now belong to the “RASline” series. Nuvonic offers six models specifically designed for efficient water treatment under the RASLine brand, utilizing UVC light sources, with compact and energy-efficient designs.


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