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UV-C for Gas and Liquid Monitoring Applications

UVC is readily absorbed by certain gas and liquid molecules and is becoming a critical element in a growing number of gas and liquid sensing, detection and monitoring applications.
These include systems for monitoring ozone levels and equipment used to analyze the nitrate levels in water. Yingfeng’s innovative epitaxy process, driven by years of research, delivers efficient and reliable UVC LEDs that meet the requirements of both of these applications.

UVC LEDs for Ozone Monitoring
Because Ozone (O3) in the atmosphere absorbs most of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation it is important to protecting human health. However, in high concentrations ground level ozone, commonly referred as smog, can be harmful to humans, animals and plant life. As a result, from national parks to urban environments and from industrial sites to processing facilities, understanding the concentration of ozone is an important feature of indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring systems.

It is ozone’s ability to absorb ultraviolet light with peak absorption at wavelengths firmly in the UVC spectrum that makes deep UV LEDs the perfect technology for ozone monitoring systems. By combining 255 nm UVC LEDs such as the 3535 series with a photodiodes or other sensors that measure the intensity of the UVC light able to pass through air samples, the concentration of ozone in the air can be detected.
Outline of a UV LED-based ozone monitor
This approach offers highly accurate, stable and repeatable ozone detection performance, even at very low gas levels. It also ensures that the other gases don’t have an influence on the readings.

Yingfeng’s 3535 series UVC LEDs offer very efficient 255 nm UVC light sources and help ozone monitoring systems to operate at ultra-low power. This makes them suitable for remote locations that need to rely on batteries or solar powe.

3535 Series
The 3535 Parabolic Lens has a peak wavelength of 255 nm for effective water quality detection of UV254 & TOC (total organic carbon) & COD (chemical oxygen demand) & SS (suspended solid), gas detection for ozone and medical analysers. A high optical output power makes the 3535 Parabolic Lens the perfect choice for applications including chemical and biological analysis, water quality monitoring, gas sensing and liquid chromatography. The 30-degree collimated source design has higher irradiance to enhance resolution for sensing application.

3535 Series
Providing a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Xenon flash or Deuterium lamps.

TO-39 hermetically sealed package is a powerful deep UVC LED with a peak wavelength of 255nm, making it effective for water quality detection of COD (chemical oxygen demand) and TOC (total organic carbon), as well as gas detection for Ozone (O3) and medical analyzers.


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