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Introducing SWIR LED Imaging: See Beyond the Weather

Experience clarity in any condition with SWIR LED imaging technology. Whether it’s rain, fog, or mist, our SWIR LEDs cut through the elements to deliver crisp, detailed images when visibility is compromised.

Don’t let weather hinder your vision. With SWIR LEDs, capture images with enhanced contrast and resolution, revealing details that would otherwise be obscured. From surveillance to outdoor monitoring, our SWIR LED solutions ensure reliable performance in challenging weather conditions.

See beyond the weather with SWIR LED imaging technology. Illuminate the unseen and make informed decisions with confidence.”

 In the example at the right one can image nearly as well with the 1.3Mpixel SWIR image versus the >5Mpixel image in the visible and this was a clear day. In hazy conditions the SWIR improves dramatically. Imagery was taken with the 1280SciCam using a 25mm f/1.4 Optec lens which mostly transmits from 900 to 1700 nm.


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