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Chemical Detection Using SWIR Cameras

Chemical detection using SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) cameras relies on the unique absorption spectra of different chemicals within the SWIR spectrum. Each chemical absorbs light at specific wavelengths, resulting in characteristic absorption patterns that can be used to differentiate between chemical types. While these chemicals may appear similar as clear liquids in the visible spectrum, using broad-band SWIR light reveals variations in light absorption, causing the chemicals to appear differently, either darker or lighter.

By employing a prism or spectrometer to separate the incoming light into individual wavelengths, researchers can obtain the chemical fingerprint for numerous species within the SWIR band. This method allows for precise identification and classification of chemicals based on their distinct absorption patterns, enabling applications such as chemical analysis, environmental monitoring, and industrial quality control.

Overall, SWIR camera technology offers a powerful tool for chemical detection and analysis, leveraging the unique absorption properties of different substances within the SWIR spectrum to enable accurate and reliable identification of chemical species.


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